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単行本: 279ページ
出版社: ノヴァ (2000/05)
言語: 日本語
ISBN-10: 4931386547
ISBN-13: 978-4931386549
発売日: 2000/05



謝 辞

For my husband, Satoshi, who has given me all the love and support I needed to write this book so far from home.

遠くニューヨークで執筆する私を、 愛をもって支えてくれた 夫、智に この本を捧ぐ

目 次

第1章 ニューヨークは今日も
This is going express now.
Get busy!
You must be from out of town.
They didn't know what they were missing.
There's nothing like the streets og New York City.
So, bring coffee and doughnuts.
After all this work?
My pleasure.
Can we share the table?
New York City can grow on you.
Try this number.
You'll have to pay your dues first.
Just for a change.
She is a he.
Get change.
You seem to be there when I need you.
It's up to you.
Forget it!
We'll take it from there.
You made my day.
It's already taken.
I can't stand it!
I'm out of here.

第2章 にくめないニューヨーカー
I'm just keeping an eye on it.
How old are you, anyway?
You'll hear from my lawyerfirst thing in the morning.
My hat's off to you.
Please hold.
That is different.
Thanks a lot.
Nothing, really.
You're always running around.
Sonw is green.
I'm in the middle of my wedding.
You did a good job.
Be my guest.
I'll be back,
Oh, OK....
It's a deal?
He's the mayor of the building.
If you want it, go for it.

第3章 我が隣人たち
Do you know where we are?
Bye now.
I'm really big on sushi.
This is very interesting.
Do mea favor.
That's for sure.
They camp out at the bookstore.
I don't blame you.
What do you think?
I don't mean to bother you.
It was an eye-opener for me.
God bless you.
In New York you should have no problem.
It's a piece of cake,
I can't be bothered.
Long time no see!
That's what I get.
I knew it!
You must be kidding.
That's a girl!
You must think I'm nuts.

第4章 ある日のこと
I'm trying to beat the deadline.
Cash or charge?
Have you done your taxes?
It's a good thing we only use CDs now.
Set your clock back.
I just married them.
It was literally a midsummer night's dream.
Wait until you come to Tokyo.
I'm hanging in there.
I'm nothing.
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I understand where you're coming from.
I don't believe it.
I guess so.
I bet you.
I'm freezing to death.
It's not worth it.
You're a cutie pie.
You can get rid of their products.
You have a green thumb.

第5章 特別な日には
Ash Wednesday
Today everbody's irish.
I really don't belog here.
It's all Greek to me.
They're in their Sunday best.
Can I be there for yhou?
July Fourth
When are we breaking fast?
Hey, you guys.
That's spooky!
Enough is enough.
You'll fit right it.
You never know.
I'm ready to go home.
Happy Holidays.
I'm already hungry for potato pancakes.
It was kinf her to think of me at Christmas.
It's Christamas.
I want to deliver it in person.
May her wish come true.

第6章 いとしくて、ちょっと切ないニューヨーク
What brought you here?
I'm on prozac.
Do you have the time?
You're at the right place.
You're in trouble.
It sounds too good to be true.
That's what Central Park is all about.
I home I'll Mr. Right soon.
Bon voyage.
Let me give you a big hug.
I feel like I'm i touch with the world.
No way!
You're not alone.
Oh, I was carried away.
It is so far from anything.
I've been there.
Come on it.
Please come over for a cup of tea.
We'll be happy to give you a hand.